More space to Love. More room to live.

Is your house looking a little worse for the wear? Are you starting to think about moving? Your new house may be hidden right before your very own eyes. The design and construction team at MTR Construction Inc. specialize in whole house renovations. More than just cosmetic upgrades, a whole house renovation can completely transform a house both inside and out!

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Some people love older homes because they have a unique character and a level of detail you rarely find in new construction. But they may have some shortcomings as well. Older homes are typically quite compartmentalized. The collection of rooms are often undersized and lack the openness popular with today’s lifestyle

If you own an older home, a whole house renovation can create a more open plan without sacrificing the homes unique character. Removing unnecessary walls can make a dramatic impact to the function and flow of an older home. Let us show you the opportunities that lie hidden within you home.

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